Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Best military wife moment.

Check out :)

Okay, so other then being filled with pride while I walk with my husband in his ACUS or dress blues... I would have to say that the BEST thing/moments in regards to being a military wife would have to be reuniting! How many people get to fall in love all over again? Or get those crazy butterflies in their stomach even after being married for years and haven't seen each other for a while?? We do as military wives! I wouldn't change it! I am a firm believer in absence making the heart grow fonder! You could say we know this all too well as military wives!


  1. I agree! Those butterflies make it feel like new love all over again! Great pictures :)

  2. I agthree! (Get it? Agree and Three?) anyway...
    Great post, being part is hard but reuniting is always sweet!

  3. Thanks ladies for the comments! :)