Monday, May 24, 2010

Level headed.

Ohhh man do I feel great. Yesterday was one of the most important days of my life, and now I am feeling nothing but goal oriented and so blessed to have what I do in my life, and WHO I do have in my life.

I was baptized at Crossroads. Wooo! A declaration of showing God, "Hey, You're my Father, and I will love you and follow you forever, and I am so thankful for sending your Son Jesus Christ to save all of us from our sins." Ya..shoutout to you Lord. Ha. Not only was a baptized and as soon as I came out of the water I was able to baptize my boyfriend Corey Hunley. Wow, what an amazing amazing feeling and blessing. :)

I feel refreshed. Honestly and truly, I do. It's such an amazing feeling. Right now I am sitting at the coffee kiosk and reading a book called "On becoming a counselor." I like it. I know I am in school and I am there for a purpose, and hopefully that purpose is to become something to do with Psychology, because do I love helping others..Nothing more rewarding than that. :) I was on the Deans List this past semester, and I have never been so proud of myself. I am not trying to brag, but I have NEVER done that well, and with all of the things in my life that are good I have them to thank for. First and foremost..God but also my family, and Corey, little, and my close friends. Thanks guys, wouldnt be doing this without ya.

Just wanted to throw that out there!

The Lord is my rock and my salvation, Whom shall I fear?

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Dear Heavenly Father,

I'm going to write you this letter and you're going to like it. Today I was bound closer to you through a public declaration of baptism (of course you already knew, for you are all knowing. :) , some would say "being born again," and that's exactly how I feel...letting you know you are my God and Savior. I wanted to share my everlasting love for you. Lord, I know you will never lead me astray. You have provided me with so many blessings and I couldn't thank you enough for the life you have blessed me with. I can only hope and pray I do what pleases you, and walk down the path you light. I'm listening God, and I will forever be listening, and ready and willing to do whatever is asked of me.