Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Take the good with the good and bad with the bad.

I often write and create graphics for status's on Wives of Faith fan page. I came across this in my bible while attempting to keep up with my morning studies. So I thought I'd share with the rest of us: 

"When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other." Ecclesiastes 7:14 

When life becomes controllable don't let complacency make you too comfortable, or God may allow bad times to drive you back to Him. Hes jealous for you. 

When life seems uncontrollable do not despair--God is in control and will bring good out of your struggles. Maybe not today, or tomorrow but hold tight. There's good just around the corner.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What WoF Means to Me

Where can I possibly start? I'll start from the beginning..I am a National Guard wife. We are from Northern Kentucky. I won't say that this area isn't supportive of the Military--but I wouldn't say that it is. When people see my husband, brother, or brother in law in their ACU's, dress blues, they are: 
  • A. Stared at
  • B. Ignored
  • C. Thanked for their service

Service members are the minority in this area I would say. Even though we do have a couple armories in our immediate area it seems to be kept behind the scenes. 

With all that being said I felt like a minority as a "military wife". My friends didn't understand, I got a bunch of "How do you do it?" "I would never want my husband to leave for that long." "How can he leave Raelynn for that long?" "Do you cry a lot?" "Does Rae miss him?" I understand their concerns, and maybe I would think that same thing if I were in their shoes, but I was having a disconnect with them and I knew I needed to find some ladies that REALLY understood.  My husbands unit is an hour and half away so I never attended the FRG meetings, and was not really able to get involved. I was feeling pretty alone.  So there I was with no one that really understood what I was going through. Through Basic training I had which was great. I had some ladies there that really helped me with basic questions, but I was lacking what I really needed...Christian Military Wives. Like me. Who had my same FAITH. 

So I thought...hey google...Let me use you...."Christian Military Wives" I typed...and about three links or so down I found WIVES OF FAITH.  I liked what I saw.  

I joined right around the time they were in need of some CareBlast assistants/leaders and also Girls Night Out was their event that was happening at the time. I was so excited and attended the local event in Cincinnati! I was stoked they had one near me! It turned out that there was only one girl there, but we had so much in common. To this day we are great friends! I could not be more thankful to have such a wonderful lady in my life! Since then I have met some of the most kind, considerate, faith seeking ladies that I look up to and we can learn and grow together! Our local group has been such a blessing and we try to get together as often as possible! Most of us have kiddos so we have play dates and we have already had two bible studies thus far.

I am so thankful for Wives of Faith and for all the blessings and opportunities it has brought to me.  I started  out as the CareBlast assistant and about a year later I started serving as the CareBlast Coordinator, I am now on the WivesofFaith Leadership Team. I can simply not express all the great things WoF has to offer and all the cool things God has made happen through it all! This has been my connection and strong hold through some tough times in my life! We are blessed with some amazing ladies within this ministry and I feel overwhelmed and overjoyed to be apart of such an amazing fellowship!

Reminder--Take pictures of your own family!

Sometimes you just gotta have those days where you remember to put your kid in a cute outfit and take some photos of them! As a photographer you prep and get your camera ready for sessions that don't include your immediate family. As much as I love doing so, I need to remind myself to utilize my camera for my family and not just others! After all these are pictures and moments we will never get back and may not even remember if it weren't for photographs! Why do you think photo sessions can be costly? We are providing a craft and we are capturing memories you will never get back! Its irreplaceable! :) 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Christmas Popcorn Tin Makeover.

Don't throw away those Christmas popcorn tins once you're done with them! Repurpose them! I choose to use burlap instead of paint or duct tape. The pattern on the tin would show through if I used paint, and duct tape doesn't exactly wrap around smoothly since its not a flat surface.

All you need is: 
-Hot temp glue gun 
-Burlap in any size but I am using a jumbo roll you can find in flower department on hobby lobby. 
-permanent marker 
-lace of your choice 

-When wrapping each burlap don't feel like you have to use hot glue EVERYWHERE. It's not necessary. Each wrap around needs about four solid holds with the hot glue. 

-You can use a stencil to write whatever you want. I choose to use our anniversary year just to personalized it a little more. (Write on the burlap beforehand!!) 

I choose black lace to go with my decor. But any color you choose whether it be antique white, white, black is great. And you can always change the lace as well. I choose to just tie it around the top and into a basic bow for an easy change when I got tired of the black. 

Now what can you use it for? Anything! 
A trash can--a pot for flowers or plants--storage bin--what have you! :) 

Currently I am using mine for my craft trash bin. (I always end up with tons of papers access from cutting and random other trash crafting may cause.) This will be more pleasing to the eye rather then a  grocery bag hanging on my chair :) 

Hope you enjoyed it! 
It took all of 15 minutes to make! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Psalm 139

Free Printable made by yours truly. Have this in my daughters room. Would love to see yours if you choose to use it!

Hope you enjoy!