Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lets See Here...

So thanks to Katelyn, I have decided to start my own blog. Not really for people to read, but more so for my own benefit of remembering things that happened in my life--due to the fact that I seem to not remember anything very well. Ha.

Well It's 2010! Lots of changes have been made to be where I am today. I honestly would have to say that I am exactly where I think I am supposed to be. I'm back in school, and the adjustments after being out for a year have been kind of difficult for me. I'm not going to lie about that, I learned the secret for myself though...forcing myself on a sleeping schedule, actually studying and not going out, or worrying about my "social life". Freshman year of College was kind of a joke for me. I had no direction, and that was by far one of the biggest problems that just led me into partying and what not. I am doing well, so what I am doing now must be working. All high B's :) I think I am pretty set on working in the psychology field. Just not exactly sure what aspect of that yet.

I am out of my apartment that I had been posted up in for a year. Brookstone Crossing is and NEVER will be again my residence.
Some good and bad things occurred while living there. I learned some valuable lessons by living on my own though, and I would never take that experience back. Full-fledged independence--Oh how I miss you dearly though. :( Roomates--I also miss you too! Michelle--Baby Bristol and you better be doing well and I cannot wait to meet her when she comes. Lauren--Damn we went through a lot. I'm not worried though because even though we no longer live together you are still my little and I love you and we will always make time for each other.

Living at home has been an adjustment. It's not horrible, just have to be in by 12:30 on the weekdays, and extra quiet after 10:30. "if you have to use the bathroom, do it BEFORE 10:30...DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET. I was just getting ready to doze off to sleep..." and I quote my Dad. I guess I understand since he gets up every morning at 545 and goes to work to take care of the family. Bless his 55 year old heart.

The year of 2009 I was in and out of "relationships", spent lots of time by myself getting to know me, and also some time with others....Let's just say I ended the year on a good note. December 7th is the date that all started--ever since then I have been in a relationship with Corey Hunley, I like to think he is great for me. We get along wonderfully (most of the time). He gets me and I get him. He's a smart ass, I guess you could say just like myself. Maybe that's why we butt heads sometimes, but at the end of the day we know we have each other. I couldn't be happier with anyone else. He treats me great, and for once I know he is someone that is going to help me grow and be the best person I can be, and I can only hope and pray I do the same for him. He makes me crazy sometimes, I have figured it out though, It's not so much crazy as it is paranoid. I'll tell you why I can be paranoid though. Once you find that person that you have been looking for, you kinda freak out when you feel like you might lose them. That's why I get paranoid. If you're reading this Cor..sorry babe. ha. Long story short. He's mine. Back off. :)

This post has been longer than I had expected it to be, and I highly doubt anyone has taken the time to read it, which is cool with me! Like I said, it's basically for me anyways. I am sure I will write later though.

Went to Crossroads today with Lauren & Tay...
Sermon was about Breaking free from fear, guilt, morality, religion etc...
being able to break out of our cages we are trapped in regardless of what might have us trapped there in the first place. Sometimes you may need a friend to help you and "jump in your cage" so to speak..Don't forget that--Being a friend means to help them through their struggles and celebrate with them during their triumphs.


"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

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